Saturday, March 16, 2013

FIPP2013: 23rd International Fair of Precious Stones and Minerals, Teofilo Otoni, MG, Brazil, 13-17 August 2013

The 23rd International Gemstones and Minerals Fair will be held in Teofilo Otoni, Minas Gerais, Brazil, from Tuesday, 13 August, until Saturday, 17 August 2013.

[Note that the date is earlier than it has been in past years -- perhaps to take into consideration the academic year in the Northern Hemisphere -- but this is pure speculation on my part.]

I don't have any more information at this time.

You can contact the GEA (but don't expect to get someone on the phone who speaks English, and if you do get an English-speaking person on the phone, don't expect many details at this time):

Gem Exporters Association
Rua Jorge Mattar, 40, Room 205-A
Teófilo Otoni, MG 39800, Brazil

Tel.:  55 (33) 3522-1762
Fax:  55 (33) 3522-1662

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